“I’ve tried several font plugins, but this one works seamlessly with my WordPress theme. It didn’t cause any conflicts or issues, which was a relief.”

– William S, Shop Owner

Web Fonts Loader
for WordPress

Effortlessly load, host, and customize any fonts in WordPress, works with both Classic and Block editors.

Latest version 1.1.4 was updated on April 17, 2024
Web Fonts Loader


The Web Fonts Loader is an innovative WordPress plugin that supports a wide range of font sources including Google Fonts, Typekit, and custom fonts, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

Block Editor Support

Effortlessly apply different web fonts to specific blocks, enhancing the visual appeal and readability of your content.

Have the ability to Reset block styles or Reset all styled blocks on the current post/page.

Classic Editor Support

A key feature of this plugin is its backward compatibility with the Classic Editor, enabling you to apply different web fonts directly within the WordPress classic editing environment.

Default Global Rules

The standout functionality of this plugin is its ability to assign specific fonts and styles globally across the website, streamlining the design process and ensuring consistency in the visual language.

Custom Global Rules

A powerful feature that allows you to create and apply custom global rules for font styling across your website.

Extend the default Global Fonts and apply styles to any user-specified target HTML tags and classes.

Font Manager

The Font Loader functionality enables you to either upload custom fonts or download and serve Google fonts locally on your WordPress site.

This can improve your site performance and give you the ability to meet the EU/GDPR guidelines when using Google fonts.

Local Fonts

A Local Fonts management tool, enabling you to easily manage fonts directly within WordPress.

This includes options to @import fonts, download, and delete them, offering complete control over typography resources.

Detailed Font Report

The Font Summary Report feature, allows you to view a comprehensive report of all fonts used on the site for efficient management and optimization.

Just click Generate to update the Report or Reset all Posts to remove all the custom classes and styles added by the plugin.

Custom Loader Options

The plugin offers custom options for support and various font loading methods, providing flexibility and enhanced control over typography management on your site.

User Defined Options

User-Defined Options, allow customization for blocks, Google, and system fonts, enhancing flexibility in typography settings.

Google Font Options

Google Fonts Options, enabling you to include/exclude specific font weights and italics, add subset support, and integrate a Google API key for tailored typography customization.

How It Works
Satisfied Customer Reviews


Early adopters among our past clients tried the plugin; learn about their experiences with the finished version.

“For some reason GP theme was not loading the right fonts; this fixed it in 2 mins with no performance hit, …might have made it faster actually.

Ken I

2 mins and problem fixed

“I’ve been using this plugin for several months now without any issues. It’s been consistently reliable and efficient.”

Oliver M

Good plugin!

“I was worried about loading times, but this plugin doesn’t slow down my site at all. It’s optimized well and integrates smoothly with my existing setup.”

Margo S

It loads only the fonts I need

“This plugin is just awesome! I have been looking for a proper method to override some plugin settings on the native Google font inside my theme, but could not find out! And I discovered this great little plugin that does the job perfectly. It also allows you to adjust the font size as wishes. Either on the whole website or on a specific piece of content. Great work, thanks guys 🙂”

Noursid D

The best to ensure constant Google font application

“The Google Web Font Loader was incredibly easy to install and configure. I had it up and running on my site in minutes, and the interface is very user-friendly.”

Mark T

Very easy to use

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 The plugin is available in three different variants, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs. All licenses come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.



Single-site License

Use the plugin on your personal site.

Use the plugin on 1 site.

1 year of priority email support.

Regular plugin updates.

All features included.



Multiple Sites License

Use the plugin for some of your clients’ sites.

Use the plugin on 3 sites.

1 year of priority email support.

Regular plugin updates.

All features included.



Unlimited Sites License

Use the plugin for all of your clients’ sites.

Use the plugin on unlimited sites.

1 year of priority email support.

Regular plugin updates.

All features included.

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You can download and test-drive the free version of the plugin before making your purchase.

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What is the Difference between the Free and Pro Plugin?

A quick comparison table highlighting the difference between the Free and Pro versions of our plugin.
Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers to streamline your experience and the purchase process. Feel free to send us a message if you have any additional questions about our plugin.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at anytime from your account page at My Account > Orders. You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date.

Note: An active subscription keeps you locked into your renewal pricing. If a subscription is cancelled or expires, a future license renewal is not guaranteed to be at the initial purchase price.

Can I use the plugin on more than one domain?

Yes, you can select a more than 1-site license package or upgrade your current license package at any given time, minus the fee you already paid.

Do you collect any personal data?

We only collect your website URLs when you activate the plugin to keep track of your licenses, and NO other personal information is collected or accessed by the plugin.

The only personal information collected is when you make your purchase, but you have the ability to delete and erase this data at any given time.

Can I try it before I make a purchase?

Yes. You can download the free version of the plugin from the WordPress.org repository and give it a try before you make a purchase.

What is your refund policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and we are unable to resolve the issue, you can request a refund within 14 days of the original purchase. We will refund the full purchase price upon receiving your request. Before you make a refund request, please make sure you have met all the conditions listed on our Terms of Use page.